Medical Help

What to do if there is an insured event provided for by the insurance contract

The insured person or his / her representative shall contact the service company by phone number specified in the insurance contract and inform:

  • Surname, name, address, number and validity period of the insurance contract (insurance policy)

  • The location of the insured person and the phone number by which he / she can be contacted.

  • A detailed description of the problem.

Receive medical or other assistance provided for in the insurance contract.

All further organizational and financial issues are resolved between the service and insurance companies, which relieves the victim of unnecessary worries and the need to pay for services.

What to do if you can not make an urgent call to the service company before consulting a doctor or sending to a medical institution

The insured or his / her representative shall contact the service company at the earliest opportunity, but not later than three days after the doctor’s request.

To grant the appointed by the insurance company expert doctor access to the insured person and his / her medical history so that he / she can control his / her condition, except in cases when it is impossible for medical reasons.

If this condition is not met, medical care services for this insured event shall not be provided.

What to do if you yourself have paid the costs of outpatient or inpatient treatment

It is necessary to state it in writing to the representative of the insurance company and provide the following documents:

  • Insurance contract (insurance policy).

  • The original certificate-invoice from the medical institution stating the name of the patient, diagnosis, date of treatment, the list of rendered services with breakdown value.

  • The original daily subsistence allowance account for hospital stays, showing the day of admission to and discharge from the hospital.

  • Original prescriptions issued by the attending physician in connection with this disease, prescriptions with pharmacy stamps and indication of the cost of each purchased medicine.

  • The original of the referral of the attending physician to undergo laboratory tests and the laboratory account, broken down by dates, name and cost of services provided.

  • The originals of the documents confirming the fact of payment for outpatient treatment.

  • Tickets and other transport documents.

  • Baggage check.

  • Other documents at the discretion of the insurer confirming the amount of expenses incurred by the insured person.

  • All documents provided to the insurance company must be in the prescribed form (they must be signed by the persons who issued these documents, prints and/or stamps)

If, on the basis of the submitted documents, the insurer recognizes the event that occurred to you as an insured event, the insurance benefit will be paid within 10 calendar days from the date of submission of all necessary documents listed above.