Russia Travel Insurance

Policy coverage: € 30.000 as requested from russian consulates

We offer custom solutions for different travellers

Alfa Strakhovanie offers specific type of insurance policy for different purpose. To travel to Russia, travellers need to obtain a tourist visa and a protection insurance Medical Health Care Policy, which protects the person from physical damage, accidents, illnesses, hospitalizations …

Clients can buy and download the Policy directly online, to get a quote it’s very simple, just access the produtc page, select dates a number of travellers – automatically the system will provide the total price for the Medical Insurance Policy. To purchase the insurance simply click on the “Buy Now” button – you will be automatically registered in our system, after payments you will recieve an email with your details and the link to download the Insurance Policy and the Company License Certificate.

The Policy includes:

  • Medical Advice 24h
  • Medical repatriation witnessed in Homeland
  • Medical expenses on out-patient and/or on hospitalization
  • Expenses on the emergency stomatologic help
  • Expenses on medical transportation
  • Transportation costs/return of children
  • Return after hospitalization,
  • Trip interruption in connection with death of the close relative, visit of the third party
  • Expenses on posthumous repatriation
  • Expenses on payment of urgent messages
  • Hospital admission agreement
  • Dental Care
  • Repatriation of Deceased
  • Pre-existing medical conditions Exacerbation of chronic diseases:
    Exacerbation of chronic disease is no longer an exception and cover up to remove immediate threat to the life of the insured within 3% of the sum insured.

The Russian consulate, present in Milan (Italy) and France (excluding Paris we accepts policies in electronic format), NOT accept the insurance in electronic format and requires the insurance policy with the original signature The shipment of the insurance policy is

FREE OF CHARGE – Delivery is 6/8 working days.

The minimum of days required for the shipment is 8 days of insurance coverage for each person.
Delivery in 7 working days.

To get more information and/or to book the shipment, write to

For urgent shipments with TNT or other courier, costs on demand.

Local Support by:

24 hous assistance by Global Voyager assistance (GVA) international assistance company (a member of International Assistance Group, IAG) with its offices and Alarm Centers in Moscow, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Thailand. GVA has 10 years of successful experience in providing services to insurance companies. click here for more information

We have 25 Years… of Experience

Expanding network of affiliates of more than 400 regional branches built to deliver standard quality services across Russia.